On Your Birthday: July 10



1866 – Edison P. Clark patented the indelible pencil.

1900 – The Victory Recording Company (later RCA Victor) registered “His Master’s Voice” with the U.S. Patent Office. The logo shows “Nipper” the dog looking into a gramophone machine.

1910 – W.R. Brookins became the first to fly an airplane at an altitude of one mile.

1913 – Death Valley, CA hits 134 degrees. That’s the highest temperature ever recorded in the United States.

1928 – George Eastman demonstrated color motion pictures for the first time.

1938 – Howard Hughes completed a 91 hour flight around the world.

1949 – The first practical rectangular television was introduced. The TV’s picture tube measured 12″ by 16″. The TV sold for $12.

1962 – Telstar launched the world’s first communications satellite into orbit.  The satellite would be used to relay TV and telephone signals between United States and Europe.

1985 – After many complaints about “New Coke”, Coca-Cola resumed selling Coke made with the old formula. It was given a new name: “Coca-Cola Classic.” The company would continue to sell “New” Coke.

1997 – “Joe Camel” of Camel cigarettes is retired.

1998 – The remains of Air Force First Lt. Michael Blassie were delivered to his family in St. Louis, MO. Prior to 1998, he had been placed in the “Tomb of the Unknown Solder” at Arlington National Cemetery. In 1984 his identity was confirmed with DNA testing

2015 – The Confederate flag was removed from the South Carolina Capitol grounds. It is on display at a state military museum.



Jake LaMotta 1921 – Boxer (Portrayed by Robert De Niro in the movie “Raging Bull”)

Arthur Ashe 1943 – Tennis Star

Jerry Miller 1943 – Musician (Moby Grape)

Ron Glass 1945 – Actor (“Barney Miller”)

Arlo Guthrie 1947 – Singer

Ronnie James Dio 1949 – Musician (DIO)

Neil Tennant 1954 – Musician (Pet Shop Boys)

Bela Fleck 1958 – Banjo player (Bela Fleck & the Flecktones)

Sofia Vergara 1972 – Actress (“Modern Family”)

Adrian Grenier 1976 – Actor (“Entourage”)

Chiwetel Ejiofor 1977 – Actor (“12 Years a Slave”)

Jessica Simpson 1980 – Singer, Actress (“Blonde Ambition”, “Employee of the Month”, “The Dukes of Hazard” and reality show star “Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica”)

Thomas Ian Nicholas 1980 – Actor (“Rookie of the Year”, “Walt Before Mickey” and played Kevin Myers in the “American Pie” film series)



Teddy Bear Picnic Day

Don’t Step on a Bee Day

Piña Colada Day


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