On Your Birthday: July 11



1798 – “An Act for Establishing a Marine Corps” passed by the U.S. Congress formally re-establishes the U.S. Marine Corps. The act also created the U.S. Marine Band. The Marines were first commissioned by the Continental Congress on November 10, 1775.

1804 – Alexander Hamilton (the United States’ first Secretary of the Treasury), was killed by Vice President Aaron Burr in a duel.

1914 – George “Babe” Ruth makes his Major League Baseball debut playing for the Baltimore Orioles. The team names him “Babe” because, at the age of 19, he is the youngest player on the team.

1955 – The U.S. Air Force Academy was dedicated at Lowry Air Base in Colorado.

1962 – The Telstar satellite (launched the day prior) transmits the first transatlantic TV signal.

1977 – Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. posthumously received the Medal of Freedom award in a White House ceremony.

1979 – The abandoned U.S. space station Skylab returned to Earth. It burned up in the atmosphere. Parts of the Indian Ocean and Australia were littered with debris.

1985 – Dr. H. Harlan Stone announced that he had used medical zippers instead of stitches on 28 patients. The zippers were used in case he may have to re-operate.

1998 – U.S. Air Force Lt. Michael Blassie, a casualty of the Vietnam War, was finally laid to rest near his home in Missouri after his remains were positively identified. He was previously buried in the Tom of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington, VA.

1999 – A U.S. Air Force jet flew over the Antarctic and air dropped off emergency medical supplies.  Dr. Jerri Nelson discovered a lump in her breast while at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Research Center.

2008 – Apple released the iPhone 3G.



John Quincy Adams 1767 – Sixth President of the United States

E.B. White 1899 – Author (“Stuart Little”, “Charlotte’s Web”)

Brett Somers 1927 – Panelist (TV’s “Match Game”)

Tab Hunter 1931 – Actor

Giorgio Armani 1934 – Fashion Designer

John Lawton 1946 – Singer (Uriah Heep, Les Humphries Singers)

Jeff Hanna 1947 – Musician  (Nitty Gritty Dirt Band)

Jay Johnson 1949 – Actor, ventriloquist (TV’s “Soap”)

Bonnie Pointer 1951 – Singer  (Pointer Sisters)

Leon Spinks 1953 – Boxer

Sela Ward 1956 – Actress (“Once and Again,” “Sisters”)

Suzanne Vega 1959 – Musician

Richie Sambora 1959 – Guitarist, singer, songwriter (Bon Jovi)

Jeff Corwin 1967 – Wildlife expert

Lil’ Kim 1975 – Rapper



International Town Criers Day

World Population Day


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