On Your Birthday: July 17



1862 – National cemeteries were authorized by the U.S. government.

1866 – Authorization was given to build a tunnel beneath the Chicago River. It was a three-year project that cost $512,709.

1867 – The first dental school in the United States was established. It was the Harvard School of Dental Medicine in Boston, MA.

1941 – The longest hitting streak in baseball history ended. Cleveland Indians pitchers held New York Yankee Joe DiMaggio hitless for the first time in 57 games.

1950 – The television show “The Colgate Comedy Hour” debuted. It featured Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.

1955 – Disneyland is dedicated and opened by Walt Disney in Anaheim, CA.

1975 – An Apollo spaceship docked with a Soyuz spacecraft in orbit. It was the first link up between the U.S. and Soviet Union.

1995 – The Nasdaq composite stock index rose above 1,000 for the first time.

1996 – TWA Flight 800, a Paris-bound Boeing 747, explodes and crashes off Long Island, NY, killing all 230 people aboard.

1997 – After 117 years, the Woolworth Corp. closed the last of its 400 stores.

1998 – An entire village is swept away in Papua New Guinea by a 23-foot wave that was triggered by an undersea earthquake. Eight days later, reports list 1,500 dead, 2,000 are missing, and thousands are homeless.

2007 – Atlanta Falcons’ quarterback Michael Vick and three other men are indicted by a federal grand jury for their roles in a dog-fighting ring.



Art Linkletter 1912 – TV Host

Phyllis Diller 1917 – Comedian

Gordon Gould 1920 – American physicist, credited with the invention of the laser

Donald Sutherland 1934 – Actor (“M*A*S*H”, “Ordinary People”, “Space Cowboys”)

Diahann Carroll 1935 – Actress, singer (TV’s “Julia”, “Dynasty”)

Spencer Davis 1939 – Musician, singer (Spencer Davis Group)

Camilla Parker-Bowles 1947 – Duchess of Cornwall, second wife of Britain’s Prince Charles

Mick Tucker 1949 – Musician (Sweet)

Terence ‘Geezer’ Butler 1949 – Musician (Black Sabbath)

Mike Vale 1949 – Musician (Tommy James and the Shondells)

Lucie Arnaz 1951 – Actress (“The Jazz Singer”, “Second Thoughts”, TV’s “Lucie Arnaz Show”). Daughter of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz.

Phoebe Snow 1952 – Singer

David Hasselhoff 1952 – Actor, singer (TV’s “Knight Rider,” “Baywatch”, “The Young and the Restless”, judge on “America’s Got Talent”)

Mark Burnett 1960 – Reality TV producer (“The Voice”, “Survivor”, “The Apprentice”, “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?”)



Yellow Pig Day

National Ice Cream Day

Peach Ice Cream Day


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