On Your Birthday: October 14



1884 – George Eastman received a patent on his new paper-strip photographic film.

1887 – Thomas Edison and George E. Gouraud reached an agreement for the international marketing rights for the phonograph.

1912 – Theodore Roosevelt was shot while campaigning in Milwaukee, WI. Roosevelt’s wound in the chest was not serious. With the fresh wound in his chest, and the bullet still inside, he continued with his planned speech. The shooter, William Schrenk, was captured at the scene.

1922 – Lieutenant Lester James Maitland reached a speed of 216.1 miles per hour to set a new airplane speed record.

1926 – The book “Winnie-the-Pooh,” by A.A. Milne, made its debut.

1936 – The first Social Security Board office opened in Austin, TX. The Board’s local office took over the assigning of Social Security Numbers.

1943 – The Radio Corporation of America finalized the sale of the NBC Blue radio network. Edward J. Noble paid $8 million for the network that was renamed American Broadcasting Company.

1947 – Over Rogers Dry Lake in Southern California, Air Force pilot Chuck Yeager flew the Bell X-1 rocket plane and became the first person to break the sound barrier.

1954 – C.B. DeMille’s “The Ten Commandments”, starring Charlton Heston, began filming in Egypt. The film had a cast of 25,000 people.

1960 – U.S. Presidential candidate John F. Kennedy first suggested the idea of a Peace Corps.

1968 – The first live television broadcast, by American astronauts in orbit, was transmitted by the Apollo 7 crew.

1972 – In Iraq, oil was struck for the first time just north of Kirkuk.

1982 – President Ronald Reagan proclaims a War on Drugs.

1984 – Major League Baseball’s George ‘Sparky’ Anderson became the first baseball manager to win 100 games and a World Series in both leagues

1987 – 18 month old Jessica McClure falls down an abandoned well in Midland, TX. Her rescue takes 58 hours and rivets the nation’s attention.

1998 – Eric Rudolph is charged with six bombings, including the 1996 Centennial Olympic Park bombing in Atlanta, GA.

2000 – A lawsuit was filed against Don Henley in Little Rock, AR. The suit claimed that a fan was hit in the forehead with a maraca during on October 4, 2000 concert.

2001 – Toys “R” Us introduced the new version of Geoffrey the giraffe in a 60-second commercial.

2003 – Chicago Cubs fan Steve Bartman becomes known as the scapegoat for the Cubs losing Game 6 of the 2003 National League Championship Series to the Florida Marlins when he reached over the outfield wall to catch a fly ball.

2004 – The iTunes Music Store reached 150 million songs sold.

2011 – The Apple iPhone 4S was released.



Sir Roger Moore 1927 – Actor (Played James Bond in eight films, including “Live and Let Die,” “For Your Eyes Only”, TV’s “The Saint”)

Ralph Lauren 1939 – Fashion designer

Cliff Richard 1940 – Singer

Justin Hayward 1946 – Musician (The Moody Blues)

Harry Anderson 1952 – Actor, magician (TV’s “Night Court”)

Greg Evigan 1953 – Actor (TV’s “B.J. and the Bear”, “My Two Dads”)

Arleen Sorkin 1956 – Actress (TV’s “Days of Our Lives”)

Thomas Dolby 1958 – Musician (“She Blinded Me with Science”)

Jon Seda 1970 – Actor (TV’s “Homicide: Life on the Street”, “Band of Brothers”, “The Pacific”, “Chicago P.D.”, movies “Gladiator”, “Selena”)

Natalie Maines 1974 – Singer (Dixie Chicks)

Usher 1978 – Singer, actor (TV’s “Moesha”, “The Bold and the Beautiful”, movies “The Faculty”, “She’s All That”, “Scary Movie 5”)

Jay Pharoah 1987 – Actor, comedian (TV’s “Saturday Night Live”)

Mia Wasikowska 1989 – Actress (“Alice in Wonderland”, “The Kids Are Alright”, “Stoker”, “Only Lovers Left Alive”, “Map to the Stars”, TV’s “In Treatment”)



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