On Your Birthday: October 27



1858 – Roland Macy opened Macy’s Department Store on 6th Avenue in New York, NY. It was Macy’s eighth business adventure (the other seven failed).

1904 – The New York subway system, the IRT, officially opened. It was the first rapid-transit subway system in the United States.

1925 – Fred Waller received a patent for his water skis.

1927 – The first newsreel featuring sound was released in New York, NY.

1938 – DuPont announces “nylon” as the new name for its new synthetic fiber.

1947 – “You Bet Your Life,” the radio show starring Grouch Marx, premiered on ABC. It was later shown on NBC television.

1954 – The first Walt Disney television show, “Disneyland”, premiered on ABC.

1975 – Bruce Springsteen was simultaneously on the cover of “Time” and “Newsweek.” This was the first time this happened for a rock star.

1994 – The U.S. Justice Department announced that the U.S. prison population had exceeded one million for the first time in American history.

1997 – The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 554.26 points. The stock market was shut down for the first time since the 1981 assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan.

2001 – In Washington, DC, the search for anthrax widened to thousands of businesses and 30 mail distribution centers.

2003 – Bank of America Corp. announced it had agreed to buy FleetBoston Financial Corp. The deal created the second largest banking company in the U.S.



Nanette Fabray 1920 – Actress (TV’s “One Day at a Time”)

Lara Parker 1937 – Actress (TV’s “Dark Shadows”)

John Cleese 1939 – Actor, comedian (“Monty Python’s Flying Circus”, “A Fish Called Wanda”, “Die Another Day”, “The World Is Not Enough”, “Clockwise”, TV’s “Fawlty Towers”)

Lee Greenwood 1942 – Singer (“God Bless the USA”)

Garry Tallent 1949 – Musician (E Street Band), born in Detroit, MI

Jayne Kennedy-Overton 1951 – Actress (“Body and Soul”)

Roberto Benigni 1952 – Actor, director (“Life is Beautiful”)

Peter Firth 1953 – Actor (“Equus”)

Robert Picardo 1953 – Actor (TV’s “China Beach”, “Star Trek: Voyager”, “Innerspace”, “The Wonder Years”, movies “Wagons East”, “Stargate”)

Simon Le Bon 1958 – Singer (Duran Duran)

Matt Drudge 1966 – Newshound

Sheeri Rappaport 1977 – Actress (TV’s “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”, “NYPD Blue”)

Patrick Fugit 1982 – Actor (“We Bought a Zoo”, “Saved!”, “Almost Famous”)

Kelly Osbourne 1984 – TV personality (TV’s “The Osbournes”)



Black Cat Day

Cranky Co-Workers Day

Navy Day


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