The Case of the Cake Kicker

As a child, I used to love reading the “Encyclopedia Brown” books. I loved trying to solve the cases before they were revealed at the end of the story. I have to admit, I was pretty darn good at it. I also used to like the catchy titles they gave each case. “The Case of the Cake Kicker” could have easily been the title of an Encyclopedia Brown case.

I don’t know what must be in the water here in Michigan lately (well, aside from the water in Flint), but we seem to have our share of “weird criminal” stories recently. Here is another one…

A Bloomfield Township (Detroit area) woman must have been having a bad day when she went to a Kroger store to pick up her son’s special order cake for his birthday. The cake was to be a custom made Batman vs. Superman cake. Apparently the Mom was unhappy with the bakery department’s decorating of the cake. So she acted like any normal human being would…NOT. This lady drop-kicked the cake down the aisle. She then ran over and stomped the case to pieces. There goes her “Mother of the Year” award!

The 48 year old, named Tricia Kortes,  could be looking at 90 days in jail for disorderly conduct. She is scheduled for a pretrial hearing on July 7.

Here is the interesting part about this incident. The “Cake Kicking” happened just eight days after Kortes finished a court ordered anger management course. She was required to attend six sessions of the class. A judge ordered the classes after Kortes was accused of shoving around an employee, and hitting her with a cellphone, at their workplace in 2015.

According to court records, Kortes also was convicted on a fourth-degree assault charge in King County, Wash., back in 2003. She served three days in jail and performed 134 hours of community service for that case.

Apparently this woman has an anger management problem… and the classes aren’t working for her. But, who wants to be the one tell her?


What  a difference between the above story and the one from late last year, where an autistic Meijer employee decorated a cake she shouldn’t have. The customer understood the situation and accepted the cake happily. (That story also happened here in Michigan)

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