Dave Schwartz

If you are a weather freak like I am, you’ve probably watched a lot of The Weather Channel over the years. One of their meteorologists, Dave Schwartz, has passed away after losing his battle against cancer. Originally diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and dealing with that, he was then diagnosed with stomach cancer in 2015.

A post on The Weather Channel Facebook page states:

“It is with a heavy heart and great sadness to let you know that Dave Schwartz has passed away. Dave spent 22 years at The Weather Channel. He was a fan and staff favorite because he so obviously loved what he did and had a unique ability to draw viewers into the fascinating world of weather. His passion for weather was contagious and inspired many to enter the field of meteorology. His passion and love of weather will never be forgotten, he will be greatly missed.”

I remember watching Dave over the years. He really stood out to me because he reminded me of Dr. Bob Schwartz, who we used to have as a guest on our morning radio program through the years on WGRD. Their voices and mannerisms were very similar, and I often wondered if Dave was the son of Dr. Bob. Unfortunately Dr. Bob passed away before I ever had the chance to ask him that question, and I never had the opportunity to meet, or talk with, Dave.

Here is more on the career of Dave Schwartz from The Wrap website.


Photo credit: Dave Schwartz/The Wrap

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