Father’s Day is June 17th.

This year we will celebrate our fathers on Sunday, June 17th. According to Wikipedia.org, the first Father’s Day celebration was held in this country in 1910.

I’ll be heading up to spend some time with my father, Dick Winters. That’s my Dad and Mom (Gloria Winters) in the picture above.

How will you honor dear old dad?

The National Retail Federation has put together a survey to figure out just how people celebrate Father’s Day, and just how much they spend. You might be surprised at the results!

The 2018 survey reveals that the average person will spend $133 on Father’s Day. That seems like a lot to me, but then again maybe I’m just a cheapskate! That’s down a bit from last year when the average spent was $134.75. Overall, consumers will shell out a total of $15.3 billion for Father’s Day.

According to the survey, consumers plan to spend $2.2 billion on clothing (purchased by 43% of shoppers), $2.1 billion on gift cards (42%) and $1.8 billion on consumer electronics (20%). In addition, $878 million will be spent on home improvement supplies (16%), $862 million on personal care products (19%), $844 million on greeting cards (63%) and $830 million on tools or appliances (16%). Another $798 million will be spent on sporting goods or leisure items (16%), $686 million on automotive accessories (16%) and $628 million on books or music (22%).

If you would like to see the complete survey (and there is a ton of additional information), here is the link for the survey on the National Retail Federation website.


And here is the video I did for Father’s Day a few years ago…

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