My Kink Resistant Hose

I am so tired of dealing with companies that don’t understand the term “Customer Service” and “Truth in Advertising”. Today I find out just what is meant by the term “kink resistant” hose!

Just in the last couple of days I’ve heard the excuses “Well that’s just the way it works” or “under certain conditions” way too many times.

Here is today’s episode…

It’s a beautiful day out, but very dry, so I decided to water some of my bushes and plants. It was the first time I would be using my brand new garden hose. My last one was over 20 years old and would kink if you touched it. So I paid extra and bought a heavier, kink resistant hose so I didn’t have to keep running back to unkink a hose.

I’m out watering and all of a sudden my water pressure comes to a halt. I’m thinking…”great the pump just burned up”. As I walk back to the house along the new hose, I find not ONE, but TWO kinks.

I called the company and they confirmed the hose WILL kink under certain conditions (yeah, like when you are using it!).

So, I’ve decided to start a new paint company! I’m going to offer up 1,000s of colors. BUT, I’m only going to put white pain in the can. Then when customers call to complain I can simply say, “Well ‘under certain conditions’ it looks like the color you purchased. You want yellow paint…shine a yellow light on it.”

OK, I’m crawling in a hole now, turning off the lights, and I’m not dealing with any company for the next 48 hours! I don’t even want to think how I’m going to be getting screwed next! Here, just let me open up my wallet for you now and you just grab whatever money you can out of it. That way I won’t have to believe your company claims on your products I pay good money for anymore.

And I didn’t even dare ask about the “Lifetime Guarantee” on the hose. I can hear that conversation now… “Oh, well you see Mr. Winters, our janitor Bob’s aunt Louise just died last week. Your new hose was guaranteed for HER lifetime. We didn’t mean the lifetime of the hose! How silly would that be!”

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