Mr. Burger Celebrates 50 Years!

I love to see local businesses survive and celebrate anniversaries like this…Congratulations to Mr. Burger for 50 years of serving some of the best burgers and hot dogs to the Grand Rapids area!

And you have to like the way that Mr. Burger celebrates…by giving you 50% on some of their menu items this week!

On Tuesday, August 15th, they offered 50% off breakfast
On Wednesday, August 16th, it’s 50% off hotdogs
On Thursday, August 17th, it will be 50% off burgers
And Tuesday through Thursday, they are offering 50% off fountain drinks and coffee.

Having grown up on the westside of Grand Rapids, I remember visiting their first location — on Lake Michigan Drive just west of Covell — many times over the years. That location was originally a Dog ‘n Suds restaurant. There were many days we would leave Union High School and have lunch at Mr. Burger. When I lived on the northwest side of Grand Rapids, I was at Mr. Burger to get chili dogs at least once a week. In my opinion they still have the best chili dogs. And their fries are pretty good too!

There are now six different Mr. Burger locations throughout the Grand Rapids area. (The Filling Station restaurant on Alpine in Comstock Park is also part of the Mr. Burger family of restaurants.)

Mr. Burger was started by Peter Christopoulos and his wife Maria. (I went to high school with their children, Helene, Jim, and Andrew.)

Happy Anniversary to Mr. Burger and all of their employees — many of which have been with the company for many years. Go celebrate by getting 50% off this week! You might just see me there!

To read more about Mr. Burger, here is their official website.

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  1. August 16, 2017 - 6:34 pm

    Despite being a lifelong West Michigan resident, I did not eat at a Mr Burger until I was around 36 years of age. Growing up, my parents never wanted to eat there during our trips from Holland to “the big city”.

    A co-worker at Menards made a comment about Mr Burger one day and upon hearing I had never eaten there, he told me where the one was in Hudsonville. I got out of work that day at 2pm-guess where I went after work?

    I took his suggestion and tried the Mr Double. Now I cannot stand a Big Mac at McDonald’s!

    Congrats to the Christopoulos family and their employees on making the half century milestone for this hidden gem.


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