November 27

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1779 – The College of Pennsylvania became the University of Pennsylvania. It was the first legally recognized university in America.

1845 – Grand Rapids’ first bridge over the Grand River at Bridge Street was completed.

1889 – Curtis P. Brady was issued the first permit to drive an automobile through Central Park in New York, NY.

1924 – In New York, NY, the first Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade was held.

1934 – Bank robber George “Baby Face” Nelson was killed by FBI agents near Barrington, IL.

1945 – CARE (then known as the Cooperative for American Remittances to Europe) was founded to send CARE Packages of food relief to Europe after World War II.

1973 – The U.S. Senate voted 92-3 to confirm Gerald R. Ford as Vice President after the resignation of Spiro T. Agnew. On December 6th the House would confirm him 387-35.

1996 – Disney’s live action movie “101 Dalmatians”, starring Glenn Close, debuted in theaters.

2002 – President Bush appointed former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to lead an independent inquiry into causes of the 2001 terrorist attacks.

2005 – The first partial human face transplant was completed in Amiens, France.

2008 – The ocean liner Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2) was taken out of service after more than 30 years. The ship was launched on September 20, 1967.

2009 – A 911 call from a neighbor of Tiger Woods, in Orlando, FL, reporting that the golfer had crashed his SUV outside his home unleashed a huge scandal over his infidelity that leads to a divorce, the termination of millions of dollars of endorsement deals and a major blow to his previously squeaky-clean image.

2013 – Disney released it’s animated film “Frozen”.



Caroline Kennedy – 61 years old (1957) – Author, attorney, diplomat (Served as the U.S. Ambassador to Japan 2013-2017)

Charlie Burchill – 59 years old (1959) – Guitarist (Simple Minds)

Mike Bordin – 56 years old (1962) – Drummer (Faith No More)

Fisher Stevens – 55 years old (1963) – Actor (“Hackers”, “Super Mario Brothers”, “Short Circuit”)

Robin Givens – 54 years old (1964) – Actress (“Boomerang”, “Blankman”, TV’s “Head of the Class”)

Brooke Langton – 48 years old (1970) – Actress (TV’s “Melrose Place”)

Jaleel White – 42 years old (1976) – Actor (Played Steve Urkel on TV’s “Family Matters”)



Bavarian Cream Pie Day

Craft Jerky Day

Giving Tuesday

Pins and Needles Day


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