Scott’s Predictions for 2019

In the past I have come up with a short list of my own predictions for the new year. I have never published those predictions, but I have come pretty close on a lot of my thoughts for the future.

I thought it might be entertaining to actually post my predictions here on the Scott Winters Blog this year so we can see how well I do.

Here are my Predictions for 2019 (in no particular order):

  • The Witmark building just off of Plainfield Ave. in Grand Rapids will finally be demolished or used for a new purpose.
  • At least one (possibly two) chief meteorologists on local TV will retire. One of their replacements will be a familiar face to Grand Rapids viewers, although that person is not currently on the air locally.
  • Gas will go back up to around $3 a gallon for most of the year. (Enjoy the cheap prices while you can!)
  • There will be at least one Grand Rapids radio personality retiring from the business and hanging up their headphones for good.
  • The Grand Rapids Press will become a Sunday only newspaper. It will no longer publish during the week.
  • There will be a Costco on the northside of Grand Rapids.
  • The housing market will stabilize. Not as many houses will be for sale this summer and the prices won’t be as high as last year.
  • There will be at least one daytime TV talk show host that will retire.
  • You’ll see yet another “judge” show on daytime TV.
  • TV Game shows will make a comeback.


I think it’s bad karma to name people that could die this year, but here are a few predictions on just who might not see the end of the year…

  • An actor from the 1964 Disney movie “Mary Poppins” will pass away.
  • An actor from the movie “Spartacus” will die
  • Not one, but two, TV game show hosts will pass away in 2019
  • Another cast member of the “Carol Burnett Show” will die.
  • A cast member from the “Mary Tyler Moore Show” will pass away.
  • There will be only one surviving cast member of “Gilligan’s Island” by the end of the year.
  • We will lose a former President of the United States to natural causes.


There you go… just a few things that I think will happen in the coming year.

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