Siri Records you Getting Pulled Over, Coolest House on the Block, a Crappy Job, Our Favorite Vegetable, and a Unique Collection

“Random Thoughts” for Tuesday, June 23rd, 2020

Let’s jump right into it today — here are some “Random Thoughts” for Tuesday…



Police Lights
Image by tevenet from Pixabay

It is amazing now what can be done with the technology on our smartphones.

Now, if you are getting pulled over by the police, you can simply say “Hey Siri, I’m getting pulled over” and she will record the situation.

You do have to install a shortcut for her to work, but once installed, if you tell her you are getting pulled over she will do several things for you including…

Siri will pause any music that you’re playing, turn down the brightness of your phone, turn on the “Do Not Disturb” mode to block any incoming calls you may get while being pulled over, she’ll open your front-facing camera and start a video recording. She also sends a message to the contact of your choice, letting them know that you are being pulled over and just where you are located. Once the you stop the recording, it will send a copy of the video to a your contact and give you the option to send it to either iCloud or Dropbox.

There are six steps to install this shortcut. All that information can be found here.



Do you remember growing up how there was always one house on the block that everyone wanted to hang out at? It was the “cool house” of the neighborhood.

A new survey found that 67% of parents said they want their house to be the “cool house” for their kids and their friends. And 63% of the parents surveyed said their house already was the cool house.

The same survey asked parents to reflect on their own childhoods and what made a house cool. Here’s what they said were the Top 10 signs of a cool house:

  1. Good snacks — 49%
  2. Video games — 38%
  3. Cable TV – 38% (Remember the days when not everyone had cable TV? We only had local channels to watch.)
  4. Pool — 34% (Always nice on a hot summer day.)
  5. Different toys than I had — 33%
  6. Board games — 33%
  7. Big backyard — 31%
  8. A dog/pet to play with — 29%
  9. Siblings to play with — 27%
  10. Trampoline — 24%



The bathroom product company Tushy is looking to pay someone to be a professional pooper. The lucky person will be paid $10,000 to poop for three months and serve as their “VP of Fecal Matters”. (Imagine having that title on a business card!)

The professional pooper will have to discuss personal bathroom habits. Also be prepared to interview others about their toilet preferences. These things will then be documented on Tushy’s social media accounts.

Applications are due by July 7th and requires a short video about why your butt is the butt for the job. Here is the link to the application.



What do you think America’s favorite vegetable is? I thought maybe corn or beans — but I was wrong.

According to a survey by Green Giant, broccoli is America’s favorite veggie! Broccoli had the top spot in last year’s survey as well. 36 states and Washington, D.C. all chose broccoli as their favorite veggie. Michigan too has chosen broccoli as their favorite.

You can check out the list to see each state’s favorite vegetable here.



I think it is always fun to go back and remember what we were doing on a certain day in history.

I found this gem from 1998 — 22 years ago. It was from our “Rick and Scott” morning show on 97.9 WGRD. Here is a clip where Rick Beckett is complaining about the heat, and his electric bill being so high because he’s been running his air conditioning. Apparently Lesleigh doesn’t pay for her electric!

Click here to hear the audio.

You can always find other classic audio from the “Rick and Scott” show in the Audio Vault.



Today is Typewriter Day!

Remember the days of having a typewriter? I wish I still had one! Remember typing class in high school when you had a typewriter with no letters on the keys!

A few months back actor Tom Hanks sent a typewriter to a young fan of his…

I didn’t realize it but Tom Hanks was an avid collector of typewriters and once owned “hundreds” of them. He got his first typewriter when he was 19 and had been collecting them ever since, as a way to stay grounded. in recent years, Hanks has started giving away part of his collection, and he said he wanted to pare down to just one eventually. In an interview in 2019, he said he was down to 120 typewriters.



On this date in 1978, a 7 year old, 16 foot python, weighing 140 pounds, named “Big Sid”, slithered away from a traveling circus in Standale, MI. The search for “Big Sid” continued for weeks, until his capture on July 24th, 1978. Read more about “Big Sid” here.

Find out what else has happened on June 23rd.



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