We Need a Hand Gesture!

For years I have often wondered why we didn’t have a hand gesture for “I’m sorry”, “I was an idiot”, or “Please forgive me”.

We have all done something stupid out on the roads while driving. Accidentally running a stop sign or maybe changing lanes and accidentally cutting someone off. Aside from the palm of the hand to the forehead, as if to say “I’m a dope!” — there really isn’t a gesture that we can make to the driver saying we are sorry.

I’ve had two situations in the last week where the person apparently thought that flipping me the bird was their apology!

The first one occurred on southbound US-131 right near I-96 in that construction zone. The signs all clearly state that the left lane is closing, but for some…that means drive in that left lane until the very end. I always get a little upset with those drivers that go whizzing past me in the left lane, while I’m at a standstill in the proper lane. In this case I got up to the merge point and actually let in two “last minute Charlies” who waited until the very end to merge (I know, the sign says “TAKE TURNS” so I was kind an let in TWO vehicles). However, I put my foot down when a third tried to also squeeze her mini van into my lane at the last minute. Apparently time is more valuable to these people who feel they can just do what they want, and merge at the last moment. My time must not be worth anything for me — and the rest of those who can follow directions — who sit in the right lane going no where. When I wouldn’t let this third vehicle in, she honked her horn and made sure that she — and her passenger — both flipped me off! Gee thanks! I hope you that makes you feel better.

This morning I’m heading into the radio station heading westbound on M-57 just before White Creek. A woman in an SUV pulls out from the stop sign heading northbound from White Creek right into oncoming traffic on M-57. I slapped on my brakes and hit the horn. I thought the driver behind me was going to rear-end me. Traffic heading the other direction had to do the same thing. I get around this woman, and a short distance down the road I get in the left lane to get on the highway. As I go to turn onto the onramp I hear a horn behind me. I look in my rear view mirror and see the driver (who is continuing on M-57) making sure her hand is out the window flipping me off. Wait a minute…wasn’t it you, on your cell phone, that almost caused a multi-car accident by pulling into traffic? And you are flipping me off?? I guess I just don’t quite understand.

So after both of those instances, I’m thinking maybe I missed a memo somewhere. Is the new way to say “I’m sorry” on the road to extend your arm out the window and flip your middle finger at me? If so, I accept your apology!

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