August 5

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A quick look at Today in History, check out some Celebrity Birthdays, and find out what Days of the Year to celebrate.



1620 – The Mayflower departed from Southampton, England on its first attempt to reach North America.

1833 – The village of Chicago, IL was incorporated. The population at the time was approximately 250.

1861 – In order to help pay for the war effort, the U.S. Federal government levied its first income tax. The tax was 3% of all incomes over $800. It was rescinded in 1872.

1882 – The Standard Oil Company of New Jersey was established.

1884 – The cornerstone for the Statue of Liberty was laid on Bedloe’s Island (now Liberty Island) in New York Harbor.

1914 – The first electric traffic lights were installed in Cleveland, OH.

1921 – The first play-by-play broadcast of a baseball game was done by Harold Arlin, on KDKA Radio, in Pittsburgh, PA. The game was between the Pirates and Philadelphia.

1923 – Henry Sullivan became the first American to swim across the English Channel.

1924 – In the New York “Daily News”, the comic strip “Little Orphan Annie,” by Harold Gray, debuted.

1926 – Harry Houdini spent 91 minutes underwater in a sealed tank before escaping.

1957 – TV’s “American Bandstand”, hosted by Dick Clark, made its network debut on ABC. Until this day the show had been a local show in Philadelphia, PA since 1952.

1958 – Herbert Hoover eclipsed John Adams as having the longest retirement of any former President until that time. Hoover would live another 6 years. His record 31 years, 7 months, and 16 days has since been eclipsed by Jimmy Carter.

1960 – For the first time two major league baseball clubs traded managers. Detroit traded Jimmy Dykes for Cleveland’s Joe Gordon.

1966 – In New York, NY, groundbreaking began for the construction of the original World Trade Center.

1969 – The Mariner 7 made its closest fly-by Mars. Photographs and other data were sent back to Earth.

1974 – President Richard Nixon said that he expected to be impeached. Nixon had ordered the investigation into the Watergate break-in to halt.

1974 – The comic strip “Tank McNamara” premiered in 75 newspapers.

1975 – Stevie Wonder signed a $37 million deal with Motown Records, the biggest at that time.

1980 – The Osmonds split up.

1981 – Olivia Newton-John received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

1981 – President Ronald Reagan fired 11,259 striking air-traffic controllers who ignored his order to return to work.

1983 – The movie “Risky Business”, starring Tom Cruise, was released in theaters.

1984 – Amtrak began rail service between Grand Rapids, MI and Chicago, IL with the Pere Marquette train route.

1998 – The TV show “Who’s Line Is It Anyway?” debuted on TV.

2008 – IBM was granted a patent for storing a customers preference for ‘paper or plastic bags’ on stores’ customer loyalty cards.

2009 – Google purchased its first public company. The company was a video software maker named On2 Technologies.

2011 – NASA announced that its Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter had captured photographic evidence of possible liquid water on Mars during warm seasons.

2011 – The first solar-powered spacecraft to go to Jupiter, Juno, was launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

2016 – The Summer Olympic Games opened in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.



Loni Anderson – 78 years old (1945) – Actress (Played receptionist Jennifer Marlowe on TV’s “WKRP in Cincinnati”)

Erika Slezak – 77 years old (1946) – Actress (Played Victoria Lord on TV’s “One Life to Live”)

Rick Derringer – 76 years old (1947) – Singer (“Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo”, McCoys)

Greg Leskiw – 76 years old (1947) – Guitarist (The Guess Who)

Samantha Sang – 72 years old (1951) – Singer (“Emotion”)

Maureen McCormick – 67 years old (1956) – Actress (Played Marcia on TV’s “The Brady Bunch”)

Pat Smear – 64 years old (1959) – Guitarist (Foo Fighters)

Tawny Kitaen – 62 years old (1961) – Actress (“Bachelor Party”, TV’s “America’s Funniest Home Videos”)

Patrick Ewing – 61 years old (1962) – Basketball Player

Jonathon Silverman – 57 years old (1966) – Actor (“Brighton Beach Memoirs”, “Weekend at Bernie’s”, TV’s “Gimme a Break!”, “The Single Guy”)



Blogger Day

International Blues Music Day

International Hangover Day

International Traffic Light Day

Mead Day

National Disc Golf Day

National Jamaican Patty Day

National Mustard Day

National Oyster Day

National Play Outside Day

National Summit Day

National Sunflower Day

National Underwear Day

National VFR Day

National Work Like a Dog Day

Sandcastle Day

World Calligraphy Day


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