Darla Jaye on National TV

If you listened to morning radio in West Michigan back in the late 80s and early 90s you’ll remember the name Darla Jaye. You probably even remember her recognizable laugh. Well now Darla has shown up on national TV!

She started at 94.5 WKLQ back in the late 90s on the Q-Morning Zoo with Rick Beckett and Jay Allen. In the early 90s, I joined the team, replacing Jay Allen, who went to work for WOOD Radio. In September of 1995, Rick, Darla and I all left KLQ and moved up the dial to 97.9 WGRD. Darla left Grand Rapids in 1997 and has had various radio jobs across the country.

Without violating too many HIPAA laws, Darla recently had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Her treatment included 30 days of radiation.

On Monday, July 15th, Darla finished up her radiation treatments. In celebration of beating cancer and finishing her treatments, she was able to ring the bell at the hospital. And boy did she ring it! She rang that bell so hard — she broke the bell!

Darla stated on Facebook Monday: “Over 2800 miles driven, 6 hellacious downpours, 10 Drs appointments, 8 blood draws, really bad burns and a couple of blisters. Numerous tears in my bedroom so Mama Jaye couldn’t see, hugs from my brother, Wes and Nancy and her sister Linda. But, I definitely couldn’t have made it through without all of your prayers, encouragement, laughs, memes and private messages. You were and are my tribe, my people. Thank you for loving me through. I am grateful and blessed.”

Here is the video she posted of her bell ringing (and breaking!)…


Darla now lives in the Houston area, and the video from the Harris Health Systems of Darla having her way with that bell made the local news…


It also hit national TV on  ABC’s Good Morning America…


Along with many Fox TV affiliates…

and even CNN!

Way to go Darla… for beating cancer and breaking the bell!!

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  1. Sherri
    July 17, 2019 - 6:02 pm

    I So enjoyed listening to the three of you and especially Darla’s laugh! I am happy to hear she made it thru this rough patch with her laugh intact. My prayers continue for her good health!


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