May 27

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1647 – Alse Young (Achsah Young or Alice Young), a resident of Windsor, CT, was executed for being a “witch.” It was the first recorded American execution of a “witch.”

1907 – The bubonic plague breaks out in San Francisco, CA.

1919 – A U.S. Navy seaplane completed the first transatlantic flight.

1926 – Bronze figures of Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer were erected in Hannibal, MO.

1927 – The Idlewild Summer Resort Company was founded in Lake County, MI, four miles from Baldwin. It thrived between 1912 and 1964 as one of the top midwest vacation spots for African Americans. Top rated black performers played its nightclub, including B.B. King, Aretha Franklin, James Brown, the Four Tops, and Sammy Davis, Jr.)

1927 – The Ford Motor Company ceased production of the Ford Model T and began to retool plants to make the Ford Model A.

1930 – The 1,046 feet tall Chrysler Building in New York, NY, opened to the public. At the time it was the tallest man-made structure.

1933 – Walt Disney’s “Three Little Pigs” was first released.

1933 – The Federal Securities Act was signed. The act required the registration of securities with the Federal Trade Commission.

1935 – The U.S. Supreme Court declared that President Franklin Roosevelt’s National Industrial Recovery Act was unconstitutional.

1937 – In California, the Golden Gate Bridge was opened to pedestrian traffic. The bridge connects San Francisco and Marin County.

1967 – The U.S. Navy carrier USS John F. Kennedy was launched by Jacqueline Kennedy and her daughter Caroline.

1968 – Major League Baseball’s National League awarded Montreal the first franchise in Canada and the first franchise outside the United States.

1968 – After 48 years as coach of the Chicago Bears, George Halas retired.

1969 – Construction of Walt Disney World began in Florida.

1977 – George H. Willig was fined for scaling the World Trade Center in New York, NY, on May 26. He was fined $1.10 – one cent for each floor.

1986 – The role-playing video game Dragon Quest was released in Japan.

1995 – In Charlottesville, VA, Christopher Reeve was paralyzed from the neck down after being thrown from his horse during a jumping event.

1997 – The Supreme Court ruled that the sexual harassment suit filed by Paula Jones could continue while President Bill Clinton was in office.

1998 – Michael Fortier was sentenced to 12 years in prison and fined $200,000 for not warning anyone about the plot to bomb the Oklahoma City federal building.

2010 – Universal Studios reopened its backlot. The area had been destroyed by a fire two years before.



Henry Kissinger 1923 – Former U.S. Secretary of State

Ramsey Lewis 1935 – Musician, composer, radio personality

Lee Ann Merriwether 1935 – Actress (TV’s “Barnaby Jones”, “Batman”, “All My Children”)

Louis Gossett, Jr. 1936 – Actor (“An Officer and a Gentleman”)

Don Williams 1939 – Country singer

Bruce Weitz 1943 – Actor (“Hill Street Blues”)

Bruce Cockburn 1945 – Singer

Richard Schiff 1955 – Actor (TV’s “The West Wing”)

Siouxsie Sioux 1957 – Singer (Siouxsie & the Banshees)

Neil Finn 1958 – Musician (Crowded House)

Cathy Silvers 1961 – Actress (TV’s “Happy Days”)

Peri Gilpin 1961 – Actress (TV’s “Frasier”, “Make It or Break It”)

Adam Carolla 1964 – Comedian, radio and television host (“Loveline”, TV’s “The Man Show”)

Todd Bridges 1965 – Actor (Played Willis on TV’s “Diff’rent Strokes”, “Everybody Hates Chris”)

Sean Kinney 1966 – Musician (Alice in Chains)

Frank Thomas 1968 – Baseball player, analyst (TV’s “MLB on Fox”)

Dondre Whitfield 1969 – Actor (TV’s “The Cosby Show”, “All My Children”)

Joseph Fiennes 1970 – Actor (“Killing Me Softly”, “Enemy at the Gates”, “Elizabeth”, “Shakespeare in Love”, TV’s “American Horror Story: Asylum”, “Camelot”, “Flash-Forward”)

Paul Bettany 1971 – Actor (“The Da Vinci Code”, “Wimbledon”, “Gangster No. 1”, “A Beautiful Mind”, “Iron Man”, “The Avengers”, “A Knight’s Tale”)

Jack McBrayer 1973 – Actor (TV’s “30 Rock”)

André 3000 1975 – Rapper, actor (“Idlewild”, “Revolver”, “Four Brothers”, “Be Cool”)

Jadakiss 1975 – Rapper

Jamie Oliver 1975 – “The Naked Chef” author, restaurateur and TV chef (“Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution”, “Jamie at Home”)

Chris Colfer 1980 – Actor (TV’s “Glee”)



Cellophane Tape Day

Indianapolis 500

Sun Screen Day


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  1. Jennifer
    May 27, 2017 - 1:47 pm

    Interesting to see what all happened on this day all over the U.S. in various years. And who shares my birthday. Thank you for this.


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