Free Bus Rides on Clean Air Action Days!

They used to be called “Ozone Action Days”, but now days they are referred to as “Air Action Days”. The National Weather Service refers to them as “Air Quality Alert” situations. No matter what they are called…they mean FREE bus rides for you in Grand Rapids and Holland.

On days that are declared “Ozone Action Days”, you can ride “The Rapid” in Grand Rapids (applies only to fixed-route buses while funding is available) or the “MAX – Macatawa Area Express” (applies only to fixed-route buses between April 1st and October 31st, 2016) for FREE!

Along with taking the bus, some other tips to help improve the air quality include:

  • Share a Ride: Carpool or ride the bus.
  • Telecommute: Work from home.
  • Trip Chain: Combine errands and avoid cold starts.
  • Turn it Off: Shut off the engine if stopping for a minute or more to reduce emissions from idling.
  • Maintenance: Keep vehicle tuned up and tires properly inflated to reduce emissions and improve gas mileage.
  • Refuel after 6:00 p.m.: Ozone levels are at their highest in the mid to late afternoon.
  • Don’t Top Off The Tank: This prevents the release of gas fumes into the air.
  • Postpone Mowing: Mow the lawn late in the afternoon (after 6:00 p.m.) or use an electric or push mower.
  • Use Woodstoves / Fireplaces Sparingly: Burn only untreated wood in a well-maintained stove or fireplace.
  • Refrain from Burning Trash or Yard Waste: Recycle or compost instead.
  • Conserve Energy: Unplug unused appliances to reduce pollution from power plants.

To find out if today is an “Air Action Day”, check out the West Michigan Clean Air Coalition website.

For additional tips about “Clean Air Action Days” click here.

For the complete air quality forecast from the Department of Environmental Quality click here.

To see the history of “Air Action Days” and how many days we’ve had each year, going back to 1994, click here.

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