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I had to take a “home ec” class in junior high. Nothing like this would have ever happened back then…

A pair of Nebraska high school students were involved in a gross prank that left a bad taste in the mouth of their home economics teacher. The prank involved them putting bodily fluids into a recipe they prepared for class.

The class’ assignment was to make turnovers and frost them. At some point, the boys excused themselves and went to a bathroom, where they masturbated into containers and then mixed their bodily fluids with frosting. The boys ages 14 and 15 (their names were not released because of their age) then spread the frosting onto a plate of turnovers that the teacher sampled. She immediately noticed a problem and alerted administrators. Another student told the teacher that he had overhead the boys planning their trick.

Cops combed through local statutes looking for the most serious charge they could levy, but could only manage to come up with a misdemeanor of disturbing the peace. Assault didn’t work because the incident didn’t cause any bodily injury to the victim.

How things have changed in school now days. I can’t imagine ever doing anything like this. Imagine the conversation…”hey, let’s go into the bathroom and fill this container”. No thanks! I was shy enough about even using the urinal in front of others!

If you’d like additional details, here is the article from the Omaha World-Herald.

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  1. Phyllis Ann Boynton
    December 17, 2016 - 3:01 pm

    Scott Winters Wow! Yes, I understand why you made the comment you did. That is Super Yuck!


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