March 19


1628 – The Massachusetts colony was founded by Englishmen.

1822 – The city of Boston, MA, was incorporated.

1831 – The first bank robbery in America was reported. The City Bank of New York, NY, lost $245,000 in the robbery.

1855 – The newspaper, “The Grand Rapids Herald”, published its first edition in Grand Rapids, MI.

1865 – Grand Rapids, MI put their first steam fire engine into service.

1915 – Pluto was photographed for the first time. However, it was not known at the time.

1917 – The Supreme Court upheld the Adamson Act that made the eight-hour workday for railroads constitutional.

1918 – Congress established time zones and approved Daylight Saving Time.

1925 – The law was passed that required fisherman to purchase a license to fish in the state of Michigan.

1931 – The state of Nevada legalized gambling.

1931 – Alka Seltzer went on sale.

1953 – The Academy Awards aired on television for the first time.

1954 – Viewers saw the first televised prize fight shown in color when Joey Giardello knocked out Willie Tory in round seven at Madison Square Garden in New York, NY.

1954 – The first rocket-driven sled that ran on rails was tested in Alamogordo, NM.

1957 – Elvis Presley bought the mansion he would name “Graceland”, in Memphis, TN.

1977 – The last episode of television’s “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” aired.

1979 – The U.S. House of Representatives began broadcasting their daily business on TV via the C-SPAN cable network.

1981 – The Buffalo Sabres set an NHL record when they scored 9 goals in one period against Toronto.

1984 – The TV show “Kate and Allie” premiered.

1985 – IBM announced their plans to stop making the PC jr computer.

1985 – The Senate voted to authorize production of the MX missile.

1985 – “Spin Magazine” began publishing.

1987 – Televangelist Jim Bakker resigned from the PTL due to a sex scandal involving Jessica Hahn. He handed over control to Jerry Falwell.

1998 – Major League Baseball approves Rupert Murdoch’s purchase of the Los Angeles Dodgers for a reported $350 million.

1999 – Johnny Carson, at age 73, underwent quadruple bypass surgery.

2000 – Vector Data Systems conducted a simulation of the 1993 Branch Davidian siege in Waco, TX. The simulation showed that the government had not fired first.

2002 – Actor Ben Kingsley was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace.

2003 – President George W. Bush announced that U.S. forces had launched a strike against “targets of military opportunity” in Iraq.

2004 – Paul “Peewee Herman” Reubens pleaded guilty to possessing vintage photos of naked children.

2007 – Naomi Campbell arrived at New York City’s Department of Sanitation to begin a week sweeping the building, her community service for tossing a phone at her maid’s head.



Phyllis Newman – 85 years old (1933) – Actress, singer (TV’s “Diagnosis: Unknown”, “Thirtysomething”, “One Life to Live”)

Renée Taylor – 85 years old (1933) – Actress (TV’s “The Nanny”)

Ursula Andress – 82 years old (1936) – Actress (The first “Bond girl” in “Dr. No”)

Clarence “Frogman” Henry – 81 years old (1937) – Singer (“Ain’t Got No Home”)

Ruth Pointer – 72 years old (1946) – Singer (The Pointer Sisters)

Glenn Close – 71 years old (1947) – Actress (TV’s “Damages”, movies “Alfred Nobbs”, “Dangerous Liaisons”, “Fatal Attraction”, “The Natural”, “The Big Chill”, “The World According to Garp”)

Derek Longmuir – 67 years old (1951) – Drummer (The Bay City Rollers)

Chris Brubeck – 66 years old (1952) – Musician, composer

Billy Sheehan – 65 years old (1953) – Musician (Mr. Big)

Bruce Willis – 63 years old (1955) – Actor (“Die Hard” series, “The Sixth Sense”, “Cop Out”, “Sin City”, “Armageddon”, “Pulp Fiction”, “Red”, “Red 2”, TV’s “Friends”, “Moonlighting”)

Craig Lamar Traylor – 29 years old (1989) – Actor (TV’s “Malcolm in the Middle”, “ER”)



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