March 24


1868 – Metropolitan Life Insurance Company was formed.

1880 – The first “hail insurance company” was incorporated in Connecticut. It was known as Tobacco Growers’ Mutual Insurance Company.

1882 – In Berlin, German scientist Robert Koch announced the discovery of the tuberculosis germ (bacillus).

1883 – The first telephone call between New York, NY and Chicago, IL took place.

1900 – Mayor Van Wyck of New York, NY broke the ground for the New York subway tunnel that would link Manhattan and Brooklyn.

1900 – In New Jersey, the Carnegie Steel Corporation was formed.

1920 – The first U.S. Coast Guard air station was established at Morehead City, NC.

1947 – Congress proposed the limitation of the Presidency to two terms.

1948 – The river gauges on the Grand River at Comstock Park, MI read 17.75 feet. That was the highest reading ever at Comstock Park. Flood stage is 12 ft.

1955 – The first oil drill seagoing rig was put into service.

1958 – Elvis Presley was sworn in as a private in the U.S. Army.

1960 – A U.S. appeals court ruled that the novel “Lady Chatterly’s Lover” was not obscene and could be sent through the mail.

1965 – Images from the Ranger 9 lunar probe were broadcast live on network television.

1975 – Muhammad Ali beat Chuck Wepner in 15 rounds to retain his world heavyweight crown.

1980 – The late night news television program “Nightline”, with Ted Koppel, premiered on ABC.

1988 – Former national security aides Oliver L. North and John M. Poindexter and businessmen Richard V. Secord and Albert Hakim pleaded innocent to Iran-Contra charges.

1989 – The Exxon Valdez spilled 240,000 barrels (11 million gallons) of crude oil in Alaska’s Prince William Sound after it ran aground and ruptured.

1992 – A Chicago judge ruled in the Milli-Vanilli class-action suit that $3.00 cash rebates would be given to anyone that could prove that they bought the group’s music before November 27, 1990 (the date the lip-synching scandal broke).

1995 – The House of Representatives passed a welfare reform package that made the most changes in social programs since the New Deal.

1998 – In Jonesboro, AR, two young boys open fire at students from woods near a school. Four students and a teacher were killed and 10 others were injured. The two boys were 11 and 13 years old cousins.

1998 – A former FBI agent said papers found in James Earl Ray’s car supported a conspiracy theory in the assassination of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

1998 – Amway Corp. announced that it had agreed to pay $9 million to settle a lawsuit over the company’s use of songs by top artists in videotaped sales pitches.

2001 – Apple Computer Inc’s operating system MAC OS X went on sale.

2005 – Sandra Bullock received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.



Lawrence Ferlinghetti – 99 years old (1919) – Poet (” A Coney Island of the Mind”)

William Smith – 85 years old (1933) – Actor (TV’s “Rich Man, Poor Man”)

Bob Mackie – 79 years old (1939) – Fashion designer

R. Lee Ermey – 74 years old (1944) – Actor (“Mississippi Burning”, “Prefontaine”, “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, “Full Metal Jacket”, “Fletch Lives”, “Seven”, “Toy Story”, TV’s “House”)

Lee Oskar – 70 years old (1948) – Musician (War)

Nick Lowe – 69 years old (1949) – Singer (“Cruel to Be Kind”)

Dougie Thomson – 67 years old (1951) – Bass guitarist (Supertramp)

Louie Anderson – 65 years old (1953) – Comedian

Robert Carradine – 64 years old (1954) – Actor (“Revenge of the Nerds”, “The Lizzie McGuire Movie”, “The Big Red One”)

Donna Pescow – 64 years old (1954) – Actress (“Saturday Night Fever”, TV’s “Angie”, “Out of This World”, “General Hospital”)

Kelly LeBrock – 58 years old (1960) – Actress (“Weird Science”, “The Woman in Red”)

Star Jones – 56 years old (1962) – TV host, legal commentator (TV’s “The View”)

Lauren Bowles – 48 years old (1970) – Actress (TV’s “True Blood”)

Lara Flynn Boyle – 48 years old (1970) – Actress (TV’s “The Practice”, “Twin Peaks”, movies “Men in Black 2”, “Afterglow”, “Threesome”, “Wayne’s World”)

Jim Parsons – 45 years old (1973) – Actor (TV’s “The Big Bang Theory”)

Alyson Hannigan – 44 years old (1974) – Actress (TV’s “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, “How I Met Your Mother”, “American Pie” movies)

Peyton Manning – 42 years old (1976) – Football player

Olivia Burnette – 41 years old (1977) – Actress (TV’s “The Torkelsons”, “Quantum Leap”)

Jessica Chastain – 41 years old (1977) – Actress (“The Help”, “Zero Dark Thirty”, “The Martian”, “Interstellar”, “Mama”, “The Tree of Life”)

Keisha Castle-Hughes – 28 years old (1990) – Actress (“The Whale Rider”, TV’s “Game of Thrones”)



Chocolate Covered Raisins Day

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