Misheard Lyrics: Mountin’ Mamma

Country music singer John Denver died in an experimental aircraft accident on October 12, 1997. Because of his death, he was a topic of discussion on “The Rick and Scott Show”. It was during that conversation that I revealed how I had misunderstood (and been told by friends on the playground) the lyrics to John Denver’s song “Take Me Home Country Roads”. I thought the misheard lyrics were “mountin’ momma”, instead of “mountain momma”. The song takes on a whole different meaning when you switch out the words.


Here is the discussion we had on-the-air (there are three different segments)…


You will never listen to “Take Me Home Country Roads” the same again…


Even some of the callers agreed with me…


And here is a YouTube video of the song (The picture of John Denver is just a little creepy considering the discussion we had)…


To learn more about John Denver, here is his Wikipedia page.


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Photo: ABC Television

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  1. October 19, 2016 - 9:00 pm

    I do a Misheard Lyrics channel dedicated to songs on YouTube
    YouTube.com/MisheardLyrics1 there are so many both old and new. All of which provide much hilarity, much like yours.


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