October 16

Scott Winters, Realtor

A quick look at Today in History, check out some Celebrity Birthdays, and find out what Days of the Year to celebrate.



1829 – The first modern hotel in America opened in Boston, MA. The Tremont Hotel had 170 rooms that rented for $2 a day and included four meals.

1869 – A hotel in Boston, MA became the first in the U.S. to install indoor plumbing.

1923 – Walt and Roy Disney contracted with M.J. Winkler to distribute the Alice Comedies. This event marked the start of the Disney Company.

1928 – Marvin Pipkin received a patent for the frosted electric light bulb.

1931 – Al Capone was convicted of income tax evasion and sentenced to 11 years in prison.

1943 – Chicago’s subway system was officially opened with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

1946 – An 18 year old rookie named Gordie Howe make his first NHL appearance with the Detroit Red Wings. He scored a goal in his first game.

1955 – Mrs. Jules Lederer took over the newspaper advice column as “Ann Landers,” replacing Ruth Crowly.

1978 – Karol Wojtyla was elected Pope John Paul II after the October 1978 Papal conclave. He is the first non-Italian pontiff since 1523.

1987 – After 58 hours, rescuers freed baby Jessica McClure from an abandoned well in Midland, TX.

1995 – The “Million Man March” took place in Washington, DC.

2000 – It was announced that Chevron Corp. would be buying Texaco Inc. for $35 billion. The combined company was called Chevron Texaco Corp. and became the 4th largest oil company in the world.

2002 – The Arthur Andersen accounting firm was sentenced to five years probation and fined $500,000 for obstructing a federeal investigation of the energy company Enron.

2008 – The iTunes Music Store reached 200 billion television episodes sold.

2009 – Maurice Sendak’s children’s book “Where the Wild Things Are” came to live on the big screen when the movie premiered in theaters.



Tim McCarver – 82 years old (1941) – Baseball catcher, sportscaster

Fred Turner – 80 years old (1943) – Bassist, vocalist (Bachman Turner Overdrive)

Bob Weir – 76 years old (1947) – Musician (Grateful Dead)

Tim Robbins – 65 years old (1958) – Actor (“Mystic River”, “The Shawshank Redemption”, “The Hudsucker Proxy”, “The Player”, “Bull Durham”)

Gary Kemp – 64 years old (1959) – Guitarist, vocalist, actor (Spandau Ballet, “The Krays”, “Killing Zoe”, “The Rapture”)

Flea – 61 years old (1962) – Bassist (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

Wendy Wilson – 54 years old (1969) – Singer (Wilson Phillips)

Kellie Martin – 48 years old (1975) – Actress (TV’s “Life Goes On”, “Christy”, “ER”, “Mystery Woman”)

John Mayer – 46 years old (1977) – Singer

Jeremy Jackson – 43 years old (1980) – Actor (TV’s “Baywatch”)



Department Store Day

Global Cat Day

National Dictionary Day

National Feral Cat Day

National Liqueur Day

National Sports Day

Steve Jobs Day

World Anesthesia Day

World Food Day

World Restart A Heart Day

World Spine Day

World Toy Camera Day


For additional information check out websites like: www.on-this-day.com, www.born-today.com, www.famousbirthdays.com, www.daysoftheyear.com, and www.nationaldaycalendar.com.

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  1. Marge Krystiniak
    October 16, 2019 - 9:16 pm

    Lots of things I didn’t know. Thanks for sharing. I do have a hockey stick signed by Gordie Howe!


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