Polish Magic: To The Point

As a child I tried my hand at a little magic. After hours and hours of practice,  I could make the foam rabbits multiple in your hand. (“How did you do that?) I could make the ball in the little vase appear and disappear. (“Amazing!”) Please hold your applause! I never got to the point of sawing a beautiful assistant in half, but I’m sure if I had stuck with it…I would have gotten to that point…maybe!

A little about my history…My Mother’s side of the family is Polish. No one in the family spoke fluent Polish, however growing up around some older relatives — I learned some of the language. The words I used were the words I should never use! I don’t know the translation for all of the words I learned, but the few I have had translated are rated “R” at the very least!

Let’s jump ahead to 2016. Here is a clip from a morning TV show in Poland. The host, Marzena Rogalska, had a contestant from the semi-finals of “Poland’s Got Talent” on to perform a magic trick.

The set up of the trick goes something like this: The magician shows a long, sharp nail. He then puts the nail in a bag. He then takes the host’s hand and slams it down on the bag and…abracadabra…the nail is no longer in that bag… Oh wait. That’s not quite how this trick turned out.

See for yourself. (Warning: not for the squeamish or those who know Polish profanity — because I think I recognized a few of those words!)

Ms. Rogalska was taken to the hospital. She was treated for the injury to her hand and given a tetanus shot.

Being a much better sport than I would have been — she then does a follow-up video with the magician to say there were no bad feelings toward the illusionist. The video is in Polish, but I’m told she says, ““Thank you for your support. I’m alive. Everything will be fine.” The video was posted on Facebook…

No word on whether the Magician won “Poland’s Got Talent”! I’m guessing not!!!


Photo credit: YouTube

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