The Only Thing You Have to Fear…

What are you afraid of?

A recent survey done in Great Britain shows that many adults have a wide variety of different fears.

According to the research, our irrational fears may be related to an event that happened at some point in our lives, but in reality don’t really pose a threat.

And don’t think that just because you are an adult, you outgrow your fears. Two thirds of adults admit they have never come to terms with their phobia. And more than a third keep their fear hidden from friends and family.

I guess I’m pretty fortunate as I don’t really have any fears. Oh sure, there are some fears we all have, like bad health, death, financial ruin, and things like that — but I really don’t have a fear of any physical things.

In looking over the top 20 list of fears, I have to admit that I have never known anyone that has had a fear of some of these things, but that certainly doesn’t mean that these phobias don’t exist. Or, maybe people overseas have different fears than those of us here in the United States.

So what are the top 20 fears? Here is the list (I have added a few comments)…

  1. Clowns
  2. Feet
  3. Birds
  4. Bellybuttons (I think I would be more afraid of someone who didn’t have a bellybutton!)
  5. Lumpy food
  6. Fish
  7. Buttons
  8. Bananas
  9. Hair
  10. Stairs
  11. Food with holes in it (I do always worry if there is a worm or bug inside)
  12. Fake nails
  13. Beards
  14. Shower curtains (I’ve never heard of this before!)
  15. Squirrels
  16. Broccoli
  17. The Pope
  18. Plasters (We refer to them as Band-aids)
  19. Fizzy drinks
  20. Pregnant women

Some of these just seem pretty strange! Are there really those people who are afraid of bellybuttons? Or how about shower curtains?

And the only fear I have of pregnant women is them telling me that I am the father!

I am shocked that neither spiders nor snakes make the list. Another fear that I’ve been recently made aware of is the fear of butterflies. I actually worked with a person who had this phobia. After talking about this fear with others, I realized more people were afraid of these things than I would have imagined.

To read more about this study on fears here is the article from Mirror Online.

Here is another list of 25 Ridiculously Unreasonable Fears.

What are your fears? Please share them below…

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