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1997 Christmas Show

The year was 1997. Why is it so hard to believe that was 22 years ago! Definitely doesn’t seem that long. This was the first year I started doing a Christmas Music show both Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. The very first show was all pre-recorded and ran off of a CD. I spent weeks recording and producing the show. Looking back it’s probably a good thing I did it that way — because there is still a copy of that very first show! (READ MORE)

Ventriloquism on the Radio

While going through some old audio tapes recently, I stumbled upon this gem… It’s a classic radio moment when Jerry Mahoney visited “Rick, Darla, and Scott” on WGRD back in the Fall of 1995. Ventriloquism on the radio worked for the likes of Edgar Bergen, Paul Winchell, and Jimmy Nelson…I guess it could work just as well for Rick Beckett. At least the audience never saw his lips move! (READ MORE)