A Visit with Eric Zane

On Tuesday, March 12th, 2019, I had the honor of being a guest on “The Eric Zane Show” Podcast! Here is the link to listen to that segment.

The Eric Zane ShowMany of you know Eric from the radio airwaves here in West Michigan, originally with Free Beer & Hot Wings and then most recently on his own show. Like so many of us radio professionals — from time to time we find ourselves without a spot on the radio dial to call our “radio home”. Thanks to modern technology, Eric has turned to doing his own podcast to keep in touch with his listeners! (I hope to start a podcast of my own in the near future as well. Stay tuned!)

Eric and I sat down for about an hour and looked back at my 30 year radio career…from my start at WKLQ, to working with Rick Beckett and Darla Jaye, to Rick’s death in 2009, up to my present gig doing 3-8 pm on 98.7 WFGR. We covered a lot of ground. It’s always amazing how quickly an hour can go by when you are talking about things that have happened in your life — both good and bad.

I received a lot of nice feedback to those who have listened to the podcast…

Michael P. emailed me and said: “Just wanted to say thanks for coming on the Eric Zane Podcast; I really enjoyed it. Grew up listening to you Darla and Rick back in the day so was really great to hear from you again.You were great on the interview and I hope to see you back on soon. Thanks again. PS – actually delaying listening to Eric’s other pods tonight; your interview prompted me to sit back and get into into your 3/3/09 show – about 1/2 way through so far. Great show and am loving listening to it and the memories I have of you guys. Thanks again.”

Matt S. messaged me through Facebook: “Awesome interview with Zane, Scott!! Not one for watching full interviews, but this was definitely worth it!!”

And even my mother, Gloria Winters, chimed in: “It was so great to listen to you go back to the beginning of your radio career. Brought back many memories of listening to you and Rick. The interview was great. So enjoyed that.”

In the interview I mentioned a blog by former General Manager of WOOD Radio, Skip Essick. He wrote about the struggles he had getting “The Rick and Scott Show” a time slot on WOOD AM and his battles with Sean Hannity. Here is a link to that blog post.

Also, we discussed the tribute show that I put together after Rick’s death in 2009. Here is a link to the audio for that show that also includes the interview I mentioned that I did with WOOD TV-8.

Thank you Eric for having me as a guest on “The Eric Zane Show” podcast. Let’s do it again!!

Here is the link to listen to Eric’s other podcasts. And a link to The Eric Zane Show webpage.

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  1. Rodney Culver
    March 14, 2019 - 6:53 am

    Hey Scott,

    Thanks for going on the Zane Show this week, it was awesome to hear your voice again and take a stroll down memory lane. Listened to you for a lot of years and having you with Zane was gold. You are both radio professionals and great at entertaining your listeners. I hope to hear more from you and Zane together in the future!


  2. Randy
    March 14, 2019 - 5:25 pm

    Scott, It was an amazingly fun throw back to hear you on The Eric Zane Show Podcast! I used to listen to you and Rick and Darla, and then you and Rick, every morning through most of the 90s. I had almost forgotten about Yanos – what a hoot! Your conversation about other historic on-air talent in Grand Rapids was epic. I would love to hear you do a podcast. You and Zane would make a great complement to each other. Think about it!


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