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January 26, 1978: The Blizzard of ’78

January 26th marks the 44th anniversary of the “Blizzard of ’78”! What were you doing 44 years ago? If you were living in Michigan at the time, you were probably doing a lot of snow shoveling. This storm was one of the biggest snow storms to every hit this area. A low-pressure system moving from the Gulf Coast met with two other low-pressure systems, one from the Southwest and one from Canada, to create one of the worst snowstorms the Midwest has ever seen. (READ MORE)

Cleaning Up Downtown Grand Rapids

What started out as a peaceful protest in downtown Grand Rapids on Saturday, May 30th turned into a violent riot by others later in the evening. The damage and destruction went well into the early morning hours the next day. When the sun came up on Sunday, West Michigan residents grabbed their brooms, shovels, buckets, and cleaning supplies and headed to downtown GR to start the clean up. (READ MORE)