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Cleaning Up Downtown Grand Rapids

What started out as a peaceful protest in downtown Grand Rapids on Saturday, May 30th turned into a violent riot by others later in the evening. The damage and destruction went well into the early morning hours the next day. When the sun came up on Sunday, West Michigan residents grabbed their brooms, shovels, buckets, and cleaning supplies and headed to downtown GR to start the clean up. (READ MORE)

I’m So Happy that I have GREAT Friendships

Over the years I have made a lot of friends. Due to jobs, families, busy schedules, etc., I haven’t had the continued contact with these friends that I would have liked. It’s amazing though, when I do finally get to connect with these people…we pick right back up like it has only been a week since we have talked or spent time together. In reality, it has been almost 25 years! I am so honored to have such GREAT friends! (READ MORE)